The Sailthru API allows you to efficiently take advantage of all the features Sailthru offers.

  • Step 1 - Download one of our pre-built libraries for your chosen programming language. Review the list at client libraries.
  • Step 2 - Install and configure your chosen pre-built library. See Set Up Config File.
  • Step 3 - Write code inside your application to directly perform the desired Sailthru action.

With automation in place, less time is spent in the Sailthru interface and the experience you provide your users will be even more seamless.


Usage examples - what do customers do with the API?

The Sailthru API is a simple REST-based service. Here are some typical uses:

Send email messages to individuals

Send email campaigns

  • Schedule delivery of an email to multiple recipients. For example, a newsletter. See campaigns.
  • API Details : "Blast" call

Add and update user subscriptions

Perform background processing tasks

  • Start a Job, or get the status of a background Job. Examples include:
    • subscriber list imports
    • bulk updates of subscriber information
    • exports of subscriber information
    • get the status of an in-progress job
  • API Details: "Job" call


Terminology and API Calls

The API has several calls across different areas. Here is a quick explanation of the various features.

Each item corresponds to a separate API call type. Please refer to the specifics of each client implementation for the exact method/function names needed to use each call.

Email delivery and subscription management


  • job - covers several actions including importing / updating / exporting subscribers, getting stats from sent email campaigns, and querying your subscriber analytics in aggregate
  • stats - request summary stats about your subscribers, email campaigns, and transactional emails

Horizon - for hyper-personalization of email and website experiences

  • content - add or update content to Horizon, triggering any matching alerts for users (see below) (Horizon in Templates)
  • purchase - various aspects of ecommerce from recording an ecommerce shopping cart or checkout event to  tracking abandoned shopping carts

Advanced and beta API functionalities

  • ad/plan - update or get information on an AdFlight plan
  • alert - update or retrieve a user's alert settings. Alerts are special transactional emails that notify subscribers of content on your site that matches their custom criteria (Alerts Overview)
  • preview - preview blasts and templates
  • Postbacks - Get exception/error alerts and update the information on your servers in response to user actions like opt-outs and hardbounces
  • settings - display and change your settings
  • trigger - create / update / delete transactional trigger (Trigger Overview)

Testing / interacting with the API directly

You can also test API calls directly in the Sailthru interface using the API Test form. Note that you must be logged in to use this feature.

Other API Topics

Learning the Sailthru API

  • We offer a test module called API Test in the user interface to try out API calls. Read more here